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Kemeixin promise

We help you find and apply to the best American summer camp, boarding school, college and graduate program for your child

Who We Are

Everyone at KeMeiXin shares the same two objectives:

  • We want to help Chinese students and their parents find the best possible educational opportunities in the United States, by providing honest and independent advice.
  • We want to make an honest living, without compromising our strong ethical standards.

To do this, we have assembled a team of both Chinese and American professionals, who work together out of our office in Beijing.

Gabriel, Niu Yong, CEO

Gabriel Niu has 8 years of experience helping Chinese students find the best overseas educational opportunities. As the head of the American Service Department for one of Beijing's top-ten education agencies, he pioneered application counseling services for boarding schools in China. He has helped more than hundreds of Chinese students head overseas for programs that include summer camp, high school, post-graduate year, community college, 4-year College, and graduate school. Prior to this, he was a department head for China Youth Online, the online portal for the Communist Youth League, which is one of China's largest youth-oriented websites. He holds a joint degree from the University of Colorado and China Agricultural University. In late 2008, he was looking for a way to provide better, more unbiased service to Chinese students. Inspired by Tom Melcher’s leadership and sharing the same ideas, he co-founded Kemeixin Consulting with Tom.